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Aerosol Valve Testing Methods and Testers

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:15:09 PM
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Aerosol Valve Testing Methods and Testers

Author: Tracy Bao

Aerosol valve testing is of great importance to aerosol valve quality. Aerosol valve has wide applications with our daily life, and even wider applications in medicine, foodstuff, chemistry and pesticide packages. The quality of aerosol valve would influence the seal and leak performance of the finished products, and has become the focus of aerosol valve manufacturers and users.

Labthink, as the excellent provider of testing instruments and services, integrates the testing methods and testers as follows:

A. Requirements on Aerosol Valve Performance

1. All the channel inside aerosol valve are unobstructed.

2. No leakage after leak test under 0.85MPa, 1min.

3. Valve can keep 1 minute under 1.8MPa pressure. The stem height H should change within 0.3mm.

4. The pull-off force should be no less than 19N of the inside; and 40N of the outside.

B. Aerosol Valve Performance Testing

1. Fluency Testing of Valves

Labthink PARAM LLSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Detector is better than the standards (which requires a pressure range of 0-1.6MPa and 1.5 grade precision). When testing, put the aerosol valve into the leak and seal strength detector and fasten the sample valve. A pressure of 0.5MPa is needed; press the actuator manually and open the valve. The constant bubbles from the actuator channel will prove the fluency.

2. Leak Testing of Aerosol Valve

Put the specimen into Labthink PARAM LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Detector, fasten the specimen and pressurize to 0.85MPa. Press the actuator; and when there are bubbles coming out of the channel of actuator, release the actuator for 1 minute, no bubble would be qualified. Besides this bubble judgment, Labthink PARAM LSSD-01 can execute quantitative testing so as to obtain detailed testing data.

3. Aerosol Valve Stem Pulling-off Strength Testing

Aerosol valve has inner stem and outer stem. Labthink PARAM XLW(PC)Auto Tensile Tester can test the aerosol valve stem pulling-off force. Put the stem in between the upper and lower clamps, and pre-set the tensile speed at 50mm/min. Then, choose tensile resistance testing and start. The strength for aerosol valve to leave the valve body is the pulling-off strength. According to requirements, the final testing results should be statistical values of the maximum value of more than 3 specimens. The inner stem should be no less than 49N, and the outer stem should be no less than 40N.

The above is a brief introduction of testing items and testers for aerosol valves from Labthink. Labthink, is willing to have more communications with professionals of the industry.

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