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Butyl Rubber Plug Puncture Testers

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:15:09 PM
Author: Leon
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Butyl Rubber Plug Puncture Testers

Author: Tracy Bao

Butyl rubber plug has good sealability and chemical reagent resistance, and is the bottle seal for medicine contact plugging in prevailing medical and pharmaceutical packaging lines. With the popularization of intravenous injection bag (IV bag), buty1 rubber plug has broader applications. Puncture performances is the most important testing item for butyl rubber plugs testing puncture force and fragmentation property.

Labthink, as the excellent testing instrument and service provider, has been providing the best and thorough quality control solutions for global pharmaceutical and medical field. Labthink PERME XLW Series of tensile testers includes four types of auto tensile tester, namely, XLW, XLW(PC), XLW(M) and XLW(B). All these testers have been equipped with puncture clamp for buty1 rubber plugs so as to provide more professional services for piercing performance testing of rubber plug manufacturers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Besides puncture function, these testers can test tensile and elongation, heat seal strength, tearing resistance and peeling resistance for flexible pharmaceutical packages, such as Al-foil, laminated film and PVC sheet for pharmaceutical purposes. The multi functions of these testers satisfy the demands of pharmaceutical companies successfully. Labthink also provides professional pierced rubber plug sealing ability testers for punctured rubber testers.

Besides buty1 rubber plug puncture testing, Labthink also provides other testing items such as oxygen permeation quantity testing with PERME OX2/230 Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System, moisture permeation quantity testing with PERME W3/330 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System and LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Tester for leak and seal strength testing. Labthink is willing to have more and broader cooperation with pharmaceutical companies.

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Labthink, the excellent provider of testing instruments and testing services, is devoted to provide most excellent and complete quality control solutions for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, cosmetics, packaging, printing, adhesive, automotive, petrochemistry, environment, biology, new energy, construction, aviation and electronic industries worldwide.

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