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Colorado Springs | Colorado's Historic City

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:09:21 PM
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Colorado Springs | Colorado's Historic City

Author: michaelrussell

Colorado Springs was founded by General William Palmer in 1871. Palmer dreamed of creating a midwestern resort, replete with entertainment, lodging, religious values and a temperate climate.

General William Palmer was an early American pioneer. He specialized in industry and philanthropy. He was an American soldier. And he contributed to the development of the Union Pacific Railroad. Today there is a bronze statue of Palmer in Colorado Springs. The statue depicts Palmer on a horse. The horse's front legs are planted on the ground, which symbolizes that Palmer was not killed in an accident or in combat.

Palmer was a religious man. Colorado Spring's early existence focused on religious values and hard work. But it attracted wealthy national and international travelers. Colorado Springs had a dry, temperate climate, attractive rivers, and plenty of natural beauty. Palmer built a resort for travelers. Over the years, the resort became one of the most popular American tourist destinations.

The late 1800's attracted many people to Colorado Springs. Rumors that gold was plentiful in the area stoked interest. People came to search for gold. Oftentimes they stayed. This had a twofold effect on the city. The population grew, as did tourism. When rumors of gold proved true, more people arrived, beginning Colorado Spring's long history of attracting prospectors and adventurers. Cripple Creek is located nearby. This area was once the most gold-rich mining area in the country.

Beyond its reputation as a place to strike it rich, Colorado Springs gained notoriety for its health-inducing climate. Many people took leave there, resting among its mountain climate, breathing the high-altitude air.

Around WWII, the city experienced a military boom. Camp Carson, its first military base, developed shortly after Pearl Harbor. The Army used Colorado Springs Municipal Airport for its planes, and to train troops for the war. The Ent Air Force Base is located here, as is the military's Air Force Academy. The military is still a vital aspect of the Colorado Springs' economy. High-tech companies help drive population growth and the economy. Tourism also contributes to the city's consistent prosperity.

If you are considering a move to Colorado Springs, now is a good time. The city's numerous job opportunities, temperate climate, and thriving economy make it one of the best big cities in the country.

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