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Discovering the athletes of the next generation…

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:13:47 PM
Author: Leon
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Discovering the athletes of the next generation…

Author: Rodrigo Fields

Have you ever experienced watching the game of your favorite baseball team? You surely experienced the thrill of the game while screaming your heart out and shouting the name of your favorite player together with the others. The noise, the feeling and the emotion…it’s like a magic that continues even after the game is over.

Imagine yourself eight to ten years from now…wearing your baseball uniform while walking with your team mates for the grandest game ever – the championship! With the crowds screaming your name and cheering you up like you used to do before. Feels good, right? Start practicing because D1 Athletes is now here for you.

D1 Athletes provides an online sports community for the athletes and the coaches all over the world. It is an interactive website wherein both parties can communicate with each other not considering the distance between them. The site provides online profile for the athletes like you that will surely help in promoting you nationwide. You can post your photos, upload videos of your memorable game that will showcase your talent and communicate directly with the prospective coach that you want. Sending your profile to as many coaches as you want through D1 will help you save hundreds of dollars (that’s quite big money..). Evaluating your current performance will help you a lot in improving your games and tactics. Coaches will determine the level of your skills including your strengths and weaknesses. This will guide you however on which part you should concentrate more. There’s always room for improvement, right?

Be the next hard court superstar you always dream about and be proud of yourself as you show the world what you’ve got. Do the move, steal the ball and dunk it. Impress the coaches on what you can do and what you can offer for the team.

The power is in your hand. Visit the website and register yourself at http://www.d1athletes.com. Don’t wait for another minute, do it now.

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