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Date Added: May 26, 2009 06:29:22 PM
Author: Pankaj Agrawal
Category: Education
Welcome to the EducationExtract.com. We education extract researched in Education segment of growing number of colleges, universities and Career schools across the countries like India, USA, UK, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Middle East Australia, New Zealand, Russia and other respective nations. We provide general information about schools, colleges, universities and also educational study centers history, summary and educational programs it wide courses offerings and information about the campus life and its neighboring area’s. At the end of this portal, you will find the school, colleges, universities contact information including a phone number and the school’s official website. We have also researched over 500+ careers and sorted them to fit our degree classifications. These articles provide an overview for each career including educational qualifications and earnings and employment statistics links career option guidence etc. Top Engineering colleges Engineering educational offers the most popular engineering degree programs, including computer engineering and CAD, mechanical engineering and architectural engineering. Each article includes general program information as well as a list of 25 of the top engineering schools in which to find that degree. There is specific information on each college Top Business schools Business School’s education offers the most popular business degree programs, including accounting, marketing and international business. Each article includes general program information as well as a list of ten of the top business schools in which to find that degree. There is specific information on each school, as well as a job outlook and educational requirements. Top Medical & Science Schools Medical Science offers career and academic information for some of the most popular medical and science degree programs, including clinical psychology, healthcare administration, nursing, physics and biotechnology. Each article contains a list of the ten top medical and science schools for earning that degree. The articles also include information on the major program, a career outlook and educational requirement. Preparing for College Life Campus life to help students make an easy transition from high school to college about college life provide tips on adjusting to college, including making new friends, dealing with stress, living with a roommate and dating on a budget. There are also classroom tips on taking notes and creating the perfect class schedule. Online Education & Distance Learning Options Do you want to further your education but are worried that you do not have the time to become a full time student? One option that requires less time and the ability to learn from home is online education programs. This section contains articles about online education and Distance Learning - how it works, how to find a program that fits your needs, pros and cons of online programs and the differences between online schooling and a traditional classroom. Potential students may also learn about the most popular online degree programs, such as business, computers or education etc. Education extract helps you to get the best informations from A-Z, America to Zimbabwe's top Universities, Best schools in India on search. Do you want to Study the history, culture, architecture, technology, business and law of America, Europe, India, Australia, New Zeeland etc...Then what are you waiting for? Visit Education information India that is perfect for you.

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