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Excelling with Excelta

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:15:08 PM
Author: Leon
Category: Science and Technology

Excelling with Excelta

Author: Mattehw Lock

In the field of Precision Hand Tools, Excelta http://www.excelta.com/ is an International leader in their field. They have been recognized for over 50 years. Though being heavily known and often used by many, there could still be many things to be done for a company of that standard. There are many ways that Excelta can be a factor in other markets, and the internet is one that can make that possible. Through search engine optimization (SEO), Excelta can easily push sales to a whole other tier, and that is something Excelta has been excelling in tremendously. There are a number of key phrases to push the company’s sales, and when optimizing it, it should be something that hits close to home, but for Excelta they do a great job of this. For instance, when typing in the key phrase “precision hand tools” Excelta is among the first couple links to be retrieved by the search engine. This is good for Excelta because this will help Excelta reach a vast amount of potential clients looking for tools in their markets. On top of that being amongst the first couple of search results with that key phrase, it tells the customers to be, that Excelta is the brand to be for “precision hand tools.” Not only that but on that first page of results, there are a couple of other sites that have incoming links that link the anonymous page back to the Excelta home page. This gives Excelta a really good way to get other business through the incoming links that are amongst that first page of results.

Excelta’s search engine optimization is really well rounded. On top of that they also have a good position with other keywords like “cutter/probes/pliers.” When typing in those words inside the search engine, Excelta is again within the first page, not only that but they are amongst the first couple of links again. This makes it very easy for the customer to find what they are looking for right off the bat. This becomes true because when getting to their page off the Search page, everything is laid out with ease for the customer to look though. Since Excelta is second in line on the results page, this will lead to tremendous amounts of foot traffic going through their website, which is only an upside for the company, and the sales to follow their traffic.

Excelta’s search optimization is tremendously strong for their field, and since that is true, this should lead to tremendously strong sales to correlate with that. Their site is very well-built, and is very consumer friendly which will only add to a happy customer. Through Excelta’s excellent optimization on the web, Excelta doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and should expect another fifty years under their belt. On top of that, Excelta could possibly reach many other markets in the near future as most businesses are taking everything online. Though Excelta has been around for fifty years thus far, the future to come for Excelta is looking good, and they can only get better if they stick on the route that they have been on so far.

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