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Gazelle Versus Dedicated Trade Sites

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:15:07 PM
Author: Leon
Category: Science and Technology

Gazelle Versus Dedicated Trade Sites

Author: Mark Grey

When it comes to selling our electronics online there is no need to go haring off like a Gazelle to a site, just because it´s the first one you have heard of – there are now many alternatives online and if you are not careful you miss out on some great opportunities. Sites such as Gazelle offer some great advice, and possibly a good service in some areas, but what Gazelle lacks is what seems to be the way forward – dedicated sites for specific gadgets, gizmos and electronics.

Gazelle are a general electronics buyer, not a specific electronics buyer, this means if you want top prices paid when you sell your electronics Gazelle may not be the first and best choice, and it may be worth doing a little homework to find a site that specializes in whatever you are selling, whether it be a cell phone, iPhone, or laptop – Gazelle will give you a reasonable price for this, a dedicated site will give you a great price. Consider this fact alone before you sell or trade online and you can benefit greatly.

Ok, so we know Gazelle are well established online, and they have a fancy looking blog with Gazelle splashed all over it, but what we don´t find so often is a positive review, or a general review about Gazelle – trying to find one of these through search engines is not an easy task. For me this says Gazelle offer a standard service, where as other sites I have seen video testimonials which knock spots off of written testimonials by Joe Bloggs, so for sure Gazelle offer a service, but with seeing video testimonials I am driven to these other sites first and foremost leaving Gazelle in the background, and time and time again this proves to be the better option.

When looking over some sites to sell my electronics one thing I always look for is the layout, use and navigation of the site – Gazelle seem to have some things tucked away that make using their site not as easy as I would like, for instance, you can view Gazelle´s privacy policy and contact Gazelle if you have great eye sight and can see the very light colored links at the bottom of the page – for me this says that they would rather you didn´t see these things, and immediately I question the service I would receive from a company like Gazelle that try to avoid some points of the trade.

To summarize, I am not telling you to never trade with a site like Gazelle, I am merely telling you that dedicated sites can prove extremely beneficial and a better option than Gazelle, for instance check out www.cash4laptops.com, see their layout, the friendly usability of the site, and the ease of navigation – to me this shows dedication and quality which are two things we must have when we trade online. At the end of the day it is your choice, go with Gazelle and see what happens, or choose a dedicated site and know what to expect.

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