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How GHD Revolutionized the Hair Straightener Design

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:15:37 PM
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How GHD Revolutionized the Hair Straightener Design

Author: Britney Simpson

In the past, a hair straightener can only make your hair, well, straight. A typical design of straightener lacked versatility so the ability to style your hair in any way you like would be limited also. Worse, most first generation straighteners were hair killers which can inflict irreparable damage to your hair. All these troubles were swept away when GHD introduced its versatile line of hair straighteners and stylers. A GHD straightener is an intelligent device which you can use to style your hair according to your whims and wishes.

A GHD straightener is a double purpose hair styler. You can use it to make your hair straight, smooth and sleek. You can achieve salon grade styling by simply using your GHD straightener. People will think that your straight hair was made by a professional stylist. However, straight hair is not the only style you can get from a GHD straightener. You can also use it to make sexy curls so you can have fuller looking hair. It is also possible to make your hair wavy using the GHD hair straightener and styler. The versatility and multiple functionalities of the GHD hair straightener will allow you to change hair styles everyday if you like.

GHD also added intelligence to its hair straightening device. The hair straightener and styler is equipped with a microprocessor inside which can detect overheat and environment temperature. In the past, you can easily burn your hair because straighteners were not equipped with state of the art heat detection technology. This will not happen if you use GHD hair straighteners. The microprocessor of the device can detect dangerous heat levels so it will trigger an alarm signal to warn you that the straightener is too hot. The alarm is a high pitched beep so you will not miss it. The straightener will also automatically shut off after 30 minutes of being idle. This intelligent feature of GHD hair straightener is particularly useful if you usually forget to unplug your styler after use.

A GHD hair straightener is also equipped with self protection features. First, it has an auto voltage detection system which detects the amount of current in the power socket. The microprocessor will automatically adjust the power output of the straightener so the device will conform to the available alternative current. This means you can use your GHD straightener anywhere in the world. Whether you are in Europe, U.S.A., Australia, or Asia, your GHD hair straightener and styler will work fine.

Most importantly, the GHD hair straightener effectively prevents plate condensation which can damage the device. The microprocessor detects environment temperature. So if ever you left your GHD straightener in a cool place, the plate will not heat up unless the surrounding temperature of the unit is warm enough. This intelligent feature protects your straightener from damage due water condensation on the plates of the device. Because of the advances introduced by GHD on its hair straightener products, the company effectively revolutionized the designs and features of a standard salon-grade hair straightener.

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