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How to Own a Comprehensive D1Atheletes Profile?

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:13:47 PM
Author: Leon
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How to Own a Comprehensive D1Atheletes Profile?

Author: Rodrigo Fields

Think locally, communicate globally. It is not enough just to have an account in D1athetes.com. The essence of joining this sports-oriented and social network is to promote your dexterity as an athlete to the sports community. As what the website suggest, create a comprehensive profile to showcase your talent. Thinking locally is your stepping stone to success and fame. Remember that the World Wide Web is the widest and fastest medium of information dissemination nowadays. If you bother how to own one, the first rule is do not! Here is a very useful way for your head start.

STEP 1: Get Started!

The online sports community offers two types of membership: for coaches and for athletes. In support for the coach’s membership, it entails an evaluation from the D1athletes staff. Select the membership for athletes if you are one.

STEP 2: Complete Your Profile

Provide necessary information about your statistical data and personal information. Also, include an appropriate photo which will magnetize coaches. This will desirably speak in your behalf.

Add videos. “Videos complete the overall picture of the athlete and allow the college coach to decide whether they will recruit the athlete.”

Submit that camera shot! Unlike videos, motionless photographs do not provide a maximum and dynamic output. However, pictures are also vital most of all if you dig up the spot angle while you are in action.

Coaches often track the academic background of athletes. Hence, it is better to present them what they are looking for and fill-up the academics’ form.

STEP 3: Do Blog Entries

Apart of your personal profile, web logs are spices to a comprehensive profile. Let coaches know your ideas and daily activities. Sharing thoughts in the sports community will widen your affiliation.

STEP 4: Establish and Maintain a Strong D1Athletes Connection

Interaction among other members will sustain your existence in the community! Get off your shell and communicate to other athletes.

Beyond these tips lies is your first action. Grab the opportunity of utilizing the web for your sports career. Visit www.D1athletes.com today!

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