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Organizational blogging and its impact business

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:08:26 PM
Author: Leon
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Organizational blogging and its impact business

Author: Earl Maghirang

Organizations require a strong communication line to support all units of business. Without a steady line for communication, costly errors are bound to appear. One great way of communicating not only with people inside and outside of an organization is through the use of blogs.

Blogs are not only used for connecting with people from outside the company but inside as well. Blogs can be used to promote the company, it can be used to showcase an organization’s innovations and new plans and agendas and it could also be used to reach new markets. A great example of these types of blogs can be found on Uprinting.com Blog. The site uses blogs as a medium for communicating with its clients as well as its employees. Organization’s not using blogs are missing out on a lot of things.

Because of the speed of the Internet in today’s setting, messages can now be related faster and more efficiently unlike a few decades earlier where a company memorandum had to be passed around from department to department. Blogs can also be used as a simple way of appreciating the value of an employee within the company. TheUPrinting Blog does the same thing. In it, employees that have lived up to the ideals of the company gets appreciated, even showcasing stories of their dedication and commitment to excellence that only UPrinting strives to achieve over other online printing firms.

Some corporate blogs are also open to the employees themselves. These types of blogs are used to add fresh ideas, comments and suggestions coming from the employees themselves. Other company’s on the other hand uses a separate blog for their employees and a different one for their clients or customers. The blogs for employees usually contain new directives and new policies as well as other news and events that relate to the company.

Blogs have become a very useful system of communication for companies and organizations. It won’t be long before corporations and even small businesses embrace the benefits that only blogs can offer.

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