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Printers from the Best Companies in the World

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:15:37 PM
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Printers from the Best Companies in the World

Author: Priti Chaba

Are printers necessary? That is what was heard from the Top Executive of an IT Company long time back. Today, things and mindsets have changed. Today, printers are not just necessary, they are just indispensable. Long time back when “Xerox” hit the markets, not everyone was very positive about it. Sooner, it proved itself right which sales hitting millions back, soon after it was launched. Today, it’s a multi-billion company. With printers like production printers and continuous feed printers and such other products, Xerox has evolved itself as one of the fortune companies worldwide. Like Xerox there are hundreds of other companies which, today, manufacture Printers. Some of the top name includes Canon, HP, Inkjet and Laser.

All of these manufacture different kind of printers as per the requirement of individuals and companies.Some of the Printers come with White and Black output and some come with Colored outputs. Today’s much advanced printers even work out on Photo Image printing which is becoming increasing popular. The printers found in the market today come with different resolution and printing capacity as 12, 0000 papers per month. Compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and Macintosh operating systems.

These printers are just not printers; in fact, they carry out a number of functions at a time, especially, if these are used in corporates and organizations. These can scan an e-mail; can carry out analog fax, print and copy and digital sending & receiving. Coming with USB ports, these have a maximum memory capacity of 1GB. Some of them even have IEEE ports, EIO slots and fast Ethernet embedded print serve. Some of them even have 2 sided printing and internal hard disks with as much capacity as 20GB. These printers are generally sold through direct dealers of the respective companies or are sold in big showrooms of the companies. However, these can also be purchased from online shopping stores like homeshop18.com which sell these electronic gadgets at a lesser price than their market price.

Moreover, if you are buying these for accompany and have a requirement in bulk, you can expect further discounts in the price. Free delivery at your home or your company is another added feature of these stores which cannot be ignored. For further information on online shopping stores, just log on to their websites.

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