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The Conept of Reasoning, West and East in Modern Times! Part Two!

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:16:37 PM
Author: Leon
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The Conept of Reasoning, West and East in Modern Times! Part Two!

Author: hasan yahya

The Conept of Reasoning, West and East in Modern Times! Part Two!

Hasan Yahya, Ph.D

Creating an organization similar to the OIC, but on different structure and functions. Where Intellectual Muslims (neutral in their thinking) to plan the future of the Muslim world.

To bring similar intellectuals from any place in the world to help them decide the best ways to benefit the future of the Muslim world.

Islam as a religion cannot be defeated, it may be used as a leading factor to strengthen the new organization to unite the Muslims toward having dignity and power.

Constitutions have to be formulated according to the needs of Muslim world, not to the needs of dominate powers. Justice, equality, and freedom are highly respected and called for according to Islam, unfortunately, in practice the function of Islam became the opposite of its teachings in almost all Muslim nations. Inviting intellectuals from similar organizations believe in justice, equality, and freedom to share the best selected ideas to build the future of the Muslim world.

In terms of East and West, whoever came to our side to build dignity and unity should be approached or denied of future friendship. This includes both the SCO and the NATO and even the UN.

More on the OIC, it should die out for the dysfunctional role it plays these days. A new organization should be established for goals other than the goals of the OIC initiation 46 years ago. I think the NGO representatives includes, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims, who bring true knowledge about the enemies of humanity in general and of Arabs and Muslim world in particular. They are doing a great job so far, It will be a ridiculed idea to say: Rent the OIC for the NGOs. For one year or ten or twenty years, and use the money to return the lost dignity of the Muslim world. I think, the NGO, will do much better than what the OIC did in the past years. The new OIC should sponsor these agencies who claim the new world ethics with Islamic flavor. The new OIC should take into consideration that time is running and changing, Oil will not persist forever, and monarchies disappear, but the people remain strong by their beliefs, their minds and their lands. The West as well as the East are using their intellectuality in building power through high tech. technology which no dignity can be retrieved without it. People without dignity, justice, and freedom, religion alone cannot help much to survive unless fused by intellectual ideas to make the change.

Israel clearly has friends in high places, so what? An American citizen says: it seems to me like they will continue playing the same game for a long time to come. Unlike South Africa under apartheid, Israel has the backing and support of the Western world. It's OK to build walls if you're an Israeli. It's OK to make preemptive strikes if you're an Israeli. It's OK to occupy, blockade, and lay siege to other territories if you're an Israeli. It's OK to develop nuclear weapons if you're an Israeli. With backing like that who's to blame the Israelis for believing Palestine is theirs, and denying the rights of Palestinians?

Another comment from British citizen says: “we British created this bandit state of Israel and now we ,and the Jewish controlled USA sit on our hands whilst they commit atrocities against the Palestinians, whose land they stole he concluded by saying: .I am ashamed to be British right now.

But, how the Jews used their minds to control the world? Go to this site: to find out.

We did not want to control the world or to destruct it, we only want to live in dignity. We want to solve the Muslim world problems. Our need for support not for nomination of such support. That’s all.

Hasan Yahya, is an American Arab scholar, a professor of Sociology, a columnist at wfol.tv, Malaysia, and TINA International News Agency, Chicago, USA. www.hasanyahya.com

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