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Walleye Summer Peak Fishing Period - Walleye Fisherman Heaven

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:13:48 PM
Author: Leon
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Walleye Summer Peak Fishing Period - Walleye Fisherman Heaven

Author: Jadran Z. Transcona

In order to best explain when and how the "Walleye Summer Peak " occurs it helps to work through your Walleye fish behavior throughout the season of the year.

Tracking your Walleye fish's behavior from just after Lake Manitoba ice-out until the summertime period - the Walleye fish typically spawn when spring time water conditions rise to the mid 40's F. The spawn period is followed by what I termed the Post-Spawn period. Post spawn period can be seen as a resting phase for the fish, in between periods, when the fish scatter and indeed feed very little. Experienced Walleye fisherman know well that this is a time in the year , which the Walleyes seem never to bite at bait , and the fisherman may just as well take a holiday or vacation as well too. Shortly, however the tired little bodies of these Walleyes need nourishment and the resumption of aggressive feeding indicates the beginning of the Pre-Summer Period. While no set temperature or temperatures indicate when Walleye fish themselves enter their Pre-Summer period, if the experienced and established Walleye fisherman takes note - water temperatures themselves will reach the 60's F , in the accurate thermometers of the tackle box of the Walleye fisherman who are destined to make those Manitoba angler record catches of killer sized Walleye .

Even though the fish feed aggressively as this is the direct time of year when fish establish their biggest and most of their growth and weight gains, the Walleye are usually quite scattered at this point in time. Indeed a prime characteristic of the Pre-Summer Period is the absence of what you might call definite and continuing fishing patterns. For Walleye fisherman it's on off time period. You might well catch several fish one day rigging deep water, several more crank baiting mid-depth flats, and even a fish fishing shallow water for large mouth.

Slowly, though as water temperatures climb upwards, the fish can be counted on to be regrouping. There is also a gradual tendency for them to start "keying" and targeting specific food sources. Those famous Walleye patterns of your favorite fishing lakes and holes begin to return.

The final item pushing Walleye fish from the Pre-summer Period into the short lived yet intense, period of feeding that Walleye fanatics know as the "Walleye Summer Peak " , the "Summer Time Walleye Peak" or "Walleye Summer Heaven" , always seems to be the same pattern. You can count on it. A period of calm very warm weather. In many cases this is the first really hot summer time weather of the season. This weather often pushes surface water temperature near their summer highs. For instance, the summer surface temperature of many meso lakes hovers around 72 - 74 degrees F. It may eventually climb into the upper 70's or even the low 80's F. However the pattern and tip off is that the whole cycle of events typically happens very very slowly. Thus, the Summer Peak Period for Walleyes seems always to begin with the end of the rapid, early - summer rise in water temperatures.

A variety of environmental factors stimulates this Summer Peak Walleye activity. Three seem to be the most important. One that the fish themselves are "hungry" and thus aggressive. This is the time period when most of their yearly growth occurs. They really have no choice or choices in the matter totally. These fish must eat or they will not grow. It's as simple as that. Next this is the first time since spawning that big females group together. Their competitive group activity helps stimulate even more intense feeding activity. Lastly in this list of factors is the fact that there are absolutely tons of plankton in the waters of all sorts and thus "hordes" of fish fry. It can be said that entire lakes are brimming with food of all sorts and varieties for each and every Walleye fish to savor. This spurs vigorous food chain activity at all levels - not only at the upper ranges of the food chain where the Walleye reside. It can almost be said that Peak Summer Walleyes are akin to a group of starving men at a smorgasbord buffet dinner setting at the lake cottage.

It s the Summer Peak Walleye Period. Heaven for Walleye fisherman and sports anglers alike.

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