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What is the best way to get bed bugs out of your clothes?

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:12:05 PM
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What is the best way to get bed bugs out of your clothes?

Author: Nadeeka Johnson

You can get bed bugs out of your clothes by using our Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray or DE-Stroy Eco Dust on your clothing. You can also use our PuracleenRx Xtreme Cleen in your laundry and dry your clothing on high heat for twenty to thirty minutes. The heat will kill the bed bugs.

You cannot get bed bugs out of your clothes simply by avoiding the mentioned hotspots. These places are unavoidable. They are part of our lives. But if you want to keep your house clean and free from bed bugs infestation, check out these Tips on How to Get the Bed bugs Out of Your Clothes. Simple Tips on How to Get the Bed Bugs Out of Your Clothes. In a hotel, you can get bed bugs out of your clothes if you shake off your clean and used clothes for bed bugs the night before you check out. Having bed bugs in your things or clothes does not mean that you are filthy and stinking. Bed bugs do not stay on a certain area or place because it is clean or filthy. They stay in a place because they are attracted to carbon monoxide, of which humans exhale, and they feed on human blood.

To get the bed bugs out of your clothes, you must make sure that the suitcase on which you will encase it is bed bugs free. Even if you shake your clothes just to get bed bugs out of your clothes, it won't do good since the very suitcase that will carry your clothes with has bed bugs inside. The night before you leave your hotel, remove any items that you have and the clothes inside your suitcase. Buy a water based insect killer and spray on the insecticide around the suitcase. Don't spray on inside. Then place your belongings and other items inside a clean, dry, bath tub. Bed bugs don't like ceramics and marbles much, so they won't be present anywhere near the tub. However, all the wood furniture near your bed are undoubtedly infested. Surer way to get bed bugs out of your clothes is to have your clothes, clean and used, to the laundry. Ask the laundryman to soak it in warm water for twenty minutes. Clinging nymps on your used clothes, especially the clothes you used on bed, will die when soaked in warm water.

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