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When Will We Ever Learn?

Date Added: April 29, 2009 06:16:34 PM
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When Will We Ever Learn?

Author: Knight Pierce Hirst

According to the Pew Research Center, the total population of the U.S. corrections system – probation, parole, jail and prison – exceeds 7.3 million. That’s 1 out of every 31 U.S. adults. Two-thirds of offenders are on probation or parole and the average, annual cost of managing each one is $1,250-$2,750. The average, annual cost of managing a prisoner is $29,000. That’s why 90% of corrections spending is spent on prisoners. New community supervision strategies for low-risk offenders have proven to reduce recidivism by as much as 30%. Crime doesn’t pay – we pay for crime.

Today many people would think it was a crime not to wash their hair every day, but before 1908 women usually washed their hair once a month. In 1908 the New York Times published a column saying it was alright to shampoo twice a month. Decades later TV marketing convinced people daily washing was healthy for hair. Now Americans wash their hair on average 4.59 times a week – twice as much as Italians and Spaniards - and according to dermatologists, that’s too much. Too much washing can damage hair by stripping it of beneficial sebum oil. Dermatologists recommend washing hair 2-3 times a week – hair-raising advice for many Americans.

San Diego State University did a hair-raising study which looked at the number of tanning salons per capita in 116 of the largest U.S. cities. Charleston, West Virginia had the highest density of salons with 18 for 53,000 people; Pittsburgh was second with 93 for 350,000; and Akron was third with 57 for 217,000. In spite of the dangers of UV rays – skin cancer, immune suppression and eye damage – an average of 1 million people use tanning salons a day, with 70% being females ages 16-29. Obviously, 1 million people a day don’t think the dangers are “tan-gible”.

Because of the dangers of smoking, China’s health minister has urged doctors and medical workers to quit smoking to set an example for others. According to the China Preventive Medicine Association, 56.8% of China’s doctors smoke – the highest percentage in the world. Now the Association has launched a campaign to make medical schools, hospitals and associations smoke-free by 2010. Considering China is the world’s largest tobacco market with approximately 350 million smokers who buy 2 trillion cigarettes a year, the doctors are going to have to set a very good example or the Association’s plans could go up in smoke.

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Knight Pierce Hirst has written for television, newspapers and greeting cards. Now she writes a 400-word blog three times a week. KNIGHT WATCH, a second look at what makes life interesting, takes only seconds to read at http://knightwatch.typepad.com

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