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National Poem in Your Pocket Day

April 30 may not (yet) be a national holiday on par with July 4 or January 1, but maybe it will be soon. Why? Because it's National Poem in Your Pocket Day.... [ Read more ]

Gatsby at the Crash

No one in American culture personifies boom times quite like Jay Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald's fictional scion of West Egg. When times are good, we all imagine ourselves crashing one of Gatsby's legendary parties, rubbing elbows with the rich and... [ Read more ]

Blasts From The Past

Sometimes it seems that all is new in the world. New developments in science and technology roll out at a staggering pace, revolutionizing our day-to-day lives and enticing us with the promise of allowing us to boldly go where no man has gone... [ Read more ]

Obama's Hundred Days

April 29 isn't a date that would normally stand out on the calendar. This year it falls on a Wednesday, almost but not quite marking the end of the month. We suspect that most years, April 29 would slip by without most of us taking any particular... [ Read more ]

Chinese Is Most Toughest Language For Most Of The English Speaking People

This article is all as regards best chinese learning from superlative resources online. It gives particular priceless facts related to chinese learning and also helpful tips which make you superior empathize the route of chinese learning.... [ Read more ]

New Italian plus Fashion and Design Summer Courses

Design Summer Courses in Milan: learn Italian while entering the charming world of Italian fashion and design.... [ Read more ]

April in the South

April is an important month in American history. The Civil War both began and ended in April; between the April of Fort Sumter and the April of Appomattox Court House, more than half a million Americans died on battlefields stretching from... [ Read more ]

Online Doctoral Degree Programs - Earning a PhD Suddenly Got a Whole Lot Easier (And Quicker)

PHD will certainly be a word you would recognize if you have performed any research into the area of high level degrees. Representing a form of doctoral degree, it is a distinguished degree that is considered the highest level of education... [ Read more ]

How to Optimize Videos for the Search Engines

One question that looms in the mind of many is how to optimize videos for the search engines. Unlike with articles or blog posts on your site, videos cannot be seen by the search engines so you can't expect to just utter a few keywords on camera to... [ Read more ]

Take A Minute To Learn Why You Need Business Leadership Coaching

In today's competitive market, effective leadership is essential for organizations. Business leadership coaching can recognize skill deficiencies and then provide the necessary support.... [ Read more ]

How to Achieve Top Search Engine Placement Only With White Hat SEO Techniques

The goal of all webmasters is to ensure that their websites will be popular with the top search engines, continue to remain popular and secure top Search Engine Placement. To achieve this some of them instead of adopting White Hat SEO Techniques... [ Read more ]

Writing Daily Goals- 60 Second Online Success Strategy

If you work from home or aspire to work from home then you know the challenge of keeping yourself motivated every day. There is no boss looking over your shoulder or structured office atmosphere to keep you on task. If you are working part time to... [ Read more ]